ZettaScale is Defining the State of the Art in Data Management Technologies

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No longer do the robotics and autonomous vehicle industries need to accept data performance limitations and trade offs 

Paris 29.07.2022

Cramming round pegs into square holes. That’s what it must have felt like for software architects and engineers working to unlock and exploit the data required to achieve the full benefits and promises of robotics applications and autonomous vehicles. Data management protocols and frameworks that were created years ago, for very specific environments and requirements are fast becoming roadblocks on the paths to next generation “on-board”, R2X and V2X communication.

ZettaScale is redefining the state of the art in data management in two dimensions: 

  • Setting the standard for quality, performance, security, scalability and certification of OMG DDS – a well established technology – standard de facto in robotics and a rising star in automotive, and 
  • Shaping the future of data management technologies through its innovative Zenoh protocol.

All of this while providing a smooth migration path and interworking between today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

We Were Born To Define the Standard

ZettaScale has been established with the goal of “setting the standard” on data management and bringing every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely. 

We have more than 40 engineers on our team. More than half have earned their PhDs. But even more importantly, at ZettaScale, we have created a nurturing environment and a culture that encourages passion, courage, innovation, and creates opportunities for greatness.

Well funded and with strong support from its strategic industrial investors, notably ADLINK and TTTech-Auto, ZettaScale is set to disrupt the data management market and bring game changing innovations in robotics, automotive, edge computing and in general application domains that require a next level of decentralization, such as the Web 3.0. 

During the course of the next few weeks and months, I’ll blog in more detail about our technologies, namely Cyclone DDS and Zenoh, use cases, and insights on current challenges and opportunities for robotics, autonomous vehicles, and edge computing.



ZettaScale’s mission is to bring to every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely. The company develops open source communication middleware that underpins next-generation robotics, transportation and mission critical applications. As devices in the physical world become connected, instrumented and interdependent, ZettaScale enables device creators to easily achieve robust, secure and scalable communication.

ZettaScale was spun out from ADLINK Technology Inc. in 2022, with a strategic investment from TTTech Auto. ZettaScale has offices in the U.K., France and The Netherlands.

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